Artificial intelligence in the field of computers & machines is well known to be the intelligence developed by humans for machines to behave like humans and other animals. AI has turned out to be to a greater degree a ‘popular expression’ in the news lately. AI has been emerging rapidly as most of the industries are investing in it to leverage the benefits of it. 

As a result of these developments it is natural to develop a fear of losing their lively hoods for many humans in various sectors starting from any data entry tasks any complex jobs. There are expectations that robots will develop skills of human being and start working as an alternate source of labour. This may soon or later be able to become a reality.

So in the field of software testing – what are the consequences of artificial intelligence? How can we leverage the power of AI. With the emergence of automation tools in software testing arena, there are various tools available which are being used for automating repetitive tasks. Most of companies, industries have started automating these jobs. AI will help these tools making more efficient and more effective there by making our testing jobs easier and quicker.

Currently we are developing manual test strategies, automation strategies to test our applications. Soon we need to develop AI based strategies to develop frameworks to verify applications under test. Manual testing may still remain in avoidable circumstances. 

Challenges: To meet these new challenges you need make your tests & testers smarter. Utilize tools and technology to stay ahead and stay relevant.

AI usage: The simulated intelligent approaches applied for developing frameworks to understand logs and debug the code snippets. Possible we could develop and train the bots to apply defect fixes based on the type of failures and gradually learn to apply fixes for repetitive or similar failure. 

AI Advantages: In the realm of programming, the testing stage is a basic undertaking. However it is tedious and costly. With the support of modern mechanisms of AI & robotization in testing, the overall cost of testing can be reduced to considerable amounts. The innovative usage of AI for automation may lead to applying intelligence in generating automated suites and maintain and run them without human intervention.

While all these buzz around AI, there will be a need for humans trained to develop these AI based frameworks. There are many question marks on the utilization of AI in various fields and industries. There are still many loop holes which need to be filled. We need to walk a bit longer to understand the power of AI in the field of software testing. Nevertheless we cannot ignore AI & its applications. It is time to make our testing life cycles effective, efficient and relevant!!